Samples Request

  • Any researcher can request a sample to Biobanco-IMM. When the request is performed by a researcher not belonging to the team responsible for the collection, the Biobanco-IMM will contact the principal investigator (PI) in order to establish a scientific collaboration.
  •  The samples are accessible to all researchers. However, all applications must be approved by the Scientific Committee of Biobanco-IMM and approval by an Ethics Committee.
  • Access to rare and potentially limited samples will be carefully coordinated and controlled.
  • The Biobanco-IMM commits to disclose the results of the evaluation process within a maximum period of 30 days. After validation of the application, the Biobanco-IMM will deliver the samples within 15 days.
  • The Biobanco-IMM ensures that anonymity and confidentiality of data and samples from donors during all operations.
  • All publications based on samples provided by the Biobanco-IMM will be required to make explicit reference to that fact. The publications resulting from the use of Biobanco-IMM samples must be made known within a maximum period of 2 years after delivery of the samples.

To request samples to Biobanco-IMM, please complete and submit this document to


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