The richness and usefulness of the structures such as Biobanco-IMM depends on the quality and diversity of biological samples. The Biobanco-IMM is proud to have donations from both healthy and diseased donors, and several samples from a single donor, accompanied by clinical information.


How to give a sample?

You can donate a biological sample, usually blood, by contacting us (+351217999437 or 965152588) or visiting us in the Egas Moniz building, Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon, where our team will give you all the necessary information and will collect samples.

You can also inform your doctor, during an appointment, of your intention to donate a biological sample. The Biobanco-IMM is working with the medical community in order to be able to send a technician to collect the sample and the informed consent.

Finally, you can also authorize that after a biopsy or surgery the tissues removed that are not needed for medical tests can be collected and stored at the Biobanco-IMM.


How do I know what will happen to my samples?

When a donor decides to give a sample and correspondent clinical information, you will be given to read and sign a document of informed consent. This document informs you about the use of your sample and clinical data, where they will be maintained, how they will be protected, and who can use them. It is very important that you read and understand the informed consent. It protects the donor from abusive use of his/her samples and it also protects the researcher ensuring that they are following the law when they are using your samples.


To what will I give my consent?

By signing the informed consent you agree to the collection and storage of a biological sample which will be used for biomedical research purposes. You will still prove to be aware and comply with the principles and purposes of Biobanco-IMM.


 Why Biobanco-IMM needs my clinical information?

Collection of clinical information at the moment of sampling is essential for research purposes. The discovery of the etiology of many diseases and the test of new drugs depends on the existence of biological material from patients, healthy donors and correspondent valid clinical information. All clinical data collected will be coded and will never be associated with the identity of the donor.


How are my samples stored?

Samples collected by the Biobanco-IMM will be cryopreserved (stored at temperatures of -80 º C and / or -196 º C) and stored for more than 10 years, and are intended to be made available for clinical research.


How do I know that my samples are safe?

The Biobanco-IMM ensures a scientifically relevant use of the samples which comprise its collection. Concurrently, the stored samples are protected by a 24-hours security system, under strict access rules. Finally, the Biobanco-IMM is gifted with the most updated software for management of samples and clinical information, which ensures a rigorous control of the samples and clinical information.

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