Support the Biobanco-IMM

The Biobanco-IMM needs the support of everybody. You can support the Biobanco-IMM by:

  • Contributing for its visibility, talking to your family and friends. Supporting and following the activity of Biobanco-IMM on Facebook, Twitter and subscribing to the newsletter Biobanco-IMM.
  • Donating a blood sample. To do this, contact the Biobanco-IMM (+351 217 999 437/+351 965 152 588 or or visit us at Egas Moniz building, Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon, where our team will give you all the information and you will be able to immediately donate the sample.
  • Authorizing that during a biopsy or surgery the tissues removed that are not needed for medical tests can be collected and stored at the Biobanco-IMM.
  • Contributing to your donation

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